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IAABO Board 23

Applicant classes are crucial to the success of budding officials on the IAABO examination. Here, we will create a strong foundation of National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) rules and techniques needed to not only pass, but to excel on the initial test. Then we introduce the students to the floor mechanics, how to navigate through the assigning website, and link them with mentors that will guide them through their exciting first year as IAABO Board 23 officials.

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2019 IAABO Refresher Exam/Answer Sheet


Applicant Observation Form

Part of the first year process is to solicit feedback so you can identify growth areas and gain confidence as an official. What better way to do so in a constructive fashion than to learn from your partners, those experienced members of Board 23.  

You can download and print the Applicant Observation Form from the link above and give it to your partner on game day. It is a good idea to print several copies to keep with you and to give them to the referee on your game along with a stamped envelope. That official can scan or send the completed form to AL Bundy. An even quicker way is to direct that official to this website and to fill out the Applicant Observation Form by clicking the button below.

It is highly suggested and very important to be diligent in this step as the interpreter and executive committee learn of your officiating practices.

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