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Nike Ball Clarification

From the Office of National Federation of High Schools

In the spring you were notified of a NIKE ball, HyperElite, that had been produced but could not be used by the NFHS high school community because it does not meet the description as outlined in the Basketball Rules book.  NIKE has an approved ball whose name is close to the one not allowed.

The NIKE Elite Championship ball is one that has been on our list of approved balls since 2009 and may be used by your high schools.  The NIKE HyperElite is the ball that is not approved and  should not be used by the high schools.

The Elite Championship, on the left, is approved.  The HyperElite, on the right, is not approved.

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Interpretation Slide Show

Slides from the MPSSAA Rules Interpretation Clinic

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IAABO Instructional Cards

You are encouraged to share these cards with your officials and the schools that you service during the 2018-2019 season...

Basketball Ring

Instructions to Scorers

IAABO Instructional Card

Please review and share with game day personnel!

Wooden Basketball Court Floor

Instructions to Timers

IAABO Instructional Card

Information on Timeouts, Warning Signals, Substitutes, and Absolutes...

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2018 IAABO Refresher Examination

See the section below for the 2018-19 rule changes...

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2018-2019 Rule Changes

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The Ball

It shall have a deeply-pebbled, granulated surface, with horizontally shaped panels bonded tightly to the rubber carcass.

Rationale: The additional words give manufacturers a better sense of what a deeply-pebbled cover should look like.



A player shall not be the first to touch the ball after it has been in team control in the frontcourt, if he/she or a teammate last touched or was touched by the ball in the frontcourt before it went to the backcourt. EXCEPTION: Any player located in the backcourt may recover a ball deflected from the frontcourt by the defense.

Rationale: To ensure that a team is not unfairly disadvantaged on a deflected pass.


There has been an increased awareness on the application of NFHS rules as it pertains to the games we officiate.  Baltimore County and Anne Arundel County schools should be following the rules as laid out in the NFHS rules book.

The uniform rule is one that particularly needs to be followed, especially since it is one that we can control before the start of the game.

Please adhere to the memo distributed by our interpreter and follow the rule!

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Announcer Responsibilities

May be announced:

  • Player who scored

  • Player charged with foul

  • Player attempting free throw

  • Team granted a time out

  • Length of time out: 30 seconds or 60 seconds

  • Player entering game

  • Team Rosters

Shall not be announced:

  • Number of points player scored

  • Number of fouls on player

  • Number of team fouls

  • Number of team time outs or number remaining

  • Time remaining in the quarter/game

  • Type of foul or violation

  • Emphatic 2 or 3 point goal

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Interpreter's 10-30-2017 Presentation

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2017-2018 NFHS New Rules Presentation

2017-2018 New Rules

Interpreter's Corner

1. Equipment worn on head for medical or religious reason. Specific procedures have been established for allowing a head covering to be worn for medical or religious reasons.

2. Team control, throw-in. The relevance of team control during a throw-in only applies when a member of the throw- in team fouls.

3. Intentional Fouls. The committee is concerned about the lack of enforcement for intentional fouls during any part of the game but especially at the end of a game.

4. Guarding. The addition of rule 10.7.12, has been successful in its intent to clean up illegal contact on the ballhandler/dribbler and post players.

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Three Person Mechanics

It is very important that each of us use the NFHS signals and mechanics for all games.  Emphasis will be on game management, calling by the rules as they are written, concentrating on your primary coverage area, and the "long switch".

For the "long switch", only difference is that the old lead (table side and opposite table side) when going in the opposite direction on throw-ins.  You also want to look at the old center (table side and opposite table side) when going in the opposite direction on throw-ins.

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Points of Emphasis

Board 23 officials pride themselves on presentation and rule knowledge.  From the Seven Cs to our professionalism, our official pride themselves on success.

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Jason Hess, Board 23 Interpreter

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