General Membership Meetings

Lansdowne High School at 6:30 pm

The meeting for this year will be on the following dates all at Lansdowne High School:

               Monday, September 23, 2019
               Wednesday, October 23, 2019 - State Interpetation Meeting
               Monday, November 4, 2019
               Monday, November 18, 2019
               Monday, February 10, 2020
               Monday, March 9, 2020

Please make plans to attend each meeting.


October 1 - Joppatowne HS - Board 261 (6:30 PM)

October 2 - Williamsport HS - Washington County (7 PM)

October 8 - Winter's Mill HS - Board 244 (6:30 PM)

October 9 - Baltimore Polytechnic Institute - Board 290 (7 PM)

October 10 - Frederick HS - Board 214 (7 PM)

October 15 - Cambridge-SD HS - Board 157 and DelMarVa (7 PM)

October 16 - Flowers HS - Board 134 (6:30 PM)

October 22 - Mountain Ridge HS - Board 204 and AlleGarr Assoc (7 PM)

***October 23 - Lansdowne HS - Board 23  (7 PM)***

October 24 - St. James Episcopal Church - Board 11 (7 PM)

October 29 - Milford Mill Academy - BBOWS (7 PM)

October 30 - Westlake HS - MBOA (7 PM)

November 2 - Kennedy HS - Board 12  (9 AM)

Attendance at one of these meetings is mandatory to work for Board 23 this season.  Do not skip this clinic!

President's Message

Dennis Battle


Just a reminder that the shirt that was shown at our meeting this past Monday is on sale for $45.00.  The sublimated shirt has our Board Patch on the left sleeve, the State Patch on the right sleeve, The IAABO Patch on the left Chest, and the American Flag on the back.  This is the shirt that is being ordered.  PLEASE ORDER YOUR SHIRTS DIRECTLY THRU CHRIS COCCAGNA.  DO NOT CONTACT THE COMPANY DIRECT.  THE COMPANY WANTS CHRIS AS THE CONTACT PERSON.  His information was shared via email message from the President on November 3 at 8:21 pm.

This style of shirt is not required.  You can still wear your current shirts, but if you choose to purchase the new shirt, that is your individual choice.  Thanks!

From the Assigner

Joe Maurer

Please remember to update your closed dates!

If you encounter a situation or a problem in one of your games, please contact me as soon as practical.

The best method of contact is my email address.

Let's go out there and work hard!

Interpreter's Corner

AL Bundy

Points of Emphasis

Please see the "Interpreter's Corner" page for the latest PowerPoint presentations!

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